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long sleeve

  • Our original noshirt with long sleeves and regular V

  • Ideal under a woollen jumper

  • Superbly comfortable with a slim fit and extra long back 

  • Made from superior Supima cotton (grown in the USA)

  • 1 shirt   €39.95 each
  • 3 shirts €39.95 €31.65 each discount 21%
  • 7 shirts €39.95 €27.00 each discount 32%
  • 15 shirts €39.95 €25.30 each discount 37%

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€39.95 each
€39.95 each
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The most comfortable long sleeve shirt with classy V-neck

Experience the luxury of the most comfortable long sleeve shirt under your shirt or jumper.
With a classy V-neck when you only wear the top button of your business shirt open.
Slim fit, extra long and made from premium, fair cotton.


All Noshirt undershirts are designed as a slim fit, so they fit comfortably to your body and doesn't get in the way of your business shirt. Thanks to the extra long back, Noshirt always stays where it should: in your trousers. Even after a long drive or sit.


In our continuous search for the perfect undershirt, we have designed a number of variations. We are happy to help you discover the ideal undershirt for you. And if you are having trouble choosing, our Shopping Assistant can help you on your way.


With our unique colour invisible khaki you won’t see any contours of your undershirt when you wear a white or light-coloured business shirt.


And besides, the V-necks of our noshirts are customized to the way you prefer to wear your business shirt. When you only wear the top button of your shirt open, choose a regular V. Opt for a deep V when you like to leave your second button undone. Or are you looking for an undershirt to wear under your shirt when buttoned all the way up, for instance when you are wearing a tie? Then our round neck is ideal.


Having trouble choosing? You can always call us during office hours for personal advice: +31 88 120 1111  (local rates apply).


NOSHIRT longsleeve

Our original Noshirt with long sleeves, designed for unparalleled smooth comfort under a woollen jumper. Made from our top-quality Supima cotton, available with a normal V-neck.  Noshirt stays hidden under your jumper or business shirt. 


Comfortable  /  Slim fit  /  Long sleeves  /  Longer back



  • Autumn - Winter - Spring
  • Under a woollen jumper or shirt with long sleeves


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