NOSHIRT lite - deep V - wit

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  • Thinner, lighter, cooler 

  • Availabe in 2 different necklines

  • invisible khaki: truly invisible under a white shirt. 

  • Utlimate comfort thanks to the slim fit and extra long back 

  • Made from superior and extra thin Supima cotton (grown in the USA)

  • 1 shirt   €34.95 each
  • 3 shirts €34.95 €31.50 each discount 10%
  • 5 shirts €34.95 €29.70 each discount 15%
  • 7 shirts €34.95 €27.95 each discount 20%

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€34.95 each
€34.95 each
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A lighter and cooler shirt under your business shirt with deep or normal V-neck 

Get the comfort without the warmth of an extra shirt under your business shirt.

Slim fit, extra long and made from the best, fair cotton. 


Especially for those hot days or if a regular undershirt is simply too warm for you. NOSHIRT lite is half as thin as a NOSHIRT original, but made from the same superior Supima cotton. Thanks to our unique S/Z yarn we are able to combine minimal thickness with our maximum quality while making no concessions to comfort or durability.


Thin  /  Light  /  Cool  /  Slim fit  /  Invisible  /  Longer back



  • Spring - Summer
  • Busy days with lots of action

When you wear a white or light coloured shirt, choose our unique colour invisible khaki and prevent visible contours of your undershirt at sleeve and collar. 


Available colors:

Which collar is for you?

Undershirts are not meant to be seen. That’s why at Noshirt we develop our undershirts with a V-neck specially customized to how you wear your business shirt: with no, one or two buttons open.  


If you wear your business shirt with 2 buttons open, then our deep V will ensure that your Noshirt is perfectly hidden beneath the fold of your open collar. That way, no contour lines of your undershirt are visible under your shirt.


When you wear your undershirt with 1 button open, we advise our regular V. Made so the fold of your dress shirt falls over the collar of your undershirt. Preventing any unattractive outlines of your undershirt being visible through your business shirt.


For men who wear their shirts closed at the top or who wear a tie, our round-neck is the best option. The collar of our round-necked undershirt matches the collar of your dress shirt, and prevents unsightly undershirt outlines. The round-necked Noshirt is also ideal to wear with a jumper. Only NOSHIRT original is currently available with a round neck.


Under a white (or light) coloured dress shirt, we always recommend our unique colour  invisible khaki. This prevents unattractive undershirt outlines at the sleeves and collar.

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