Yellow stains

Yellow stains

When it's time to bid your undershirt farewell

It might be that your 3 year old undershirt feels comfortable. And smells familiar. But it sure isn’t classy (or hygienic). That’s why it’s important to realize when your undershirt is past its use by date. Check out these tell-tale signs below;

1. When your partner says so

Why? Because she (or he) gets to see that same washed out, ill-fitting undershirt every evening when you take off your classy dress shirt. And eventually that will reflect on her opinion of you. That’s not what you want. Right? 

2. When your partner says nothing

No, silence is not the same as consent. If your partner doesn’t compliment you ever now and then on your underwear, including your undershirt, that’s not a great sign. Been a while since you got a positive feedback on your underwear? Time for some new ones.

3.When those yellow stains just won’t come out

Your shirt has given its all. It has kept your shirt fresh and born the brunt of your perspiration stains. But if those stains won’t come out with these few easy steps, it’s a sign: time for a replacement. And never use bleach to remedy the situation. 

4. When your slim fit becomes a chubby fit.

We all love an undershirt that fits snugly to your body. But when slim fit starts to become a chubby fit and you can see your undershirt beneath your dress shirt, it’s better off used a pyjama. 

5. When grubby or faded describe your shirt better than fresh and crisp.

Sometimes it’s hard to see it yourself, but after intensive wear your shirt can start to look a little smutty around the neckline. And frequent washes unfortunately means your shirt will become faded over time. You don’t see that under a shirt. But it’s not what you want to feel confident all day long. Not sure whether your underwear is still acceptable? See Tip 1.

 6. When it smells a little too familiar

And we don’t mean the smell of your favourite detergent. 

Saying goodbye to your old undershirt doesn’t mean shipping it straight to the bin.

An old shirt is more versatile than you might think…

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