When your shirt has served its time, you don’t have to take it straight to the rubbish bin. Have your cat sleep on it. Or reinvent it as a laptop cover.


[Tip 1] From shirt to laptop cover

Step 1: One takes an old undershirt and a laptop.

Step 2: One finds a (female) person who knows his/her way around a sewing machine and shows them this instruction.

Step 3: One receives a unique laptop cover. One hopes.


[Tip 2] From shirt to children’s toy/cat pillow

Again find someone who can handle a sewing machine and another (child or animal) that would appreciate your familiar smell. Your worn-out shirt may no longer receive approval from your partner: as a cuddle or pillow case it might prove a big hit. Patterns? The internet is full of them….


[Tip 3] From shirt to cleaning cloth

Our noshirts are made form Supima cotton. Extra soft premium cotton thanks to the extra long fibre. Ideal to polish up your shoes, especially when you’re going for that beautiful “spit shine”. Enough reason for us to turn a few not-quite-perfect noshirts into perfect cleaning cloths. Not too big, double-sided and with three convenient “precision-polish-pockets”. Might just be the best cleaning cloth ever.

If you’re not overly critical you could just use your old noshirt as a cleaning rag, but good enough can always be better. Especially for those items that deserve more than “just a rag”.


[Tip 4] From shirt to laundry bag

Perfect for travelling, a laundry bag for your worn noshirts. That’s what we thought. That’s why we offer a laundry bag, made from not-quite-perfect undershirts that didn’t make the strict quality control in our ateliers or made from those few shirts that are returned.

That way, your order always consists of fresh, unworn, crisp undershirts, and we don’t throw anything away unnecessarily. That’s what we call: nowaste!

[Tip 5] From shirt to shoe bag

Inspired by tip 4: the shoe bag. Ideal to store away your shoes. And keep dirty soles away from your clean clothes. For on the road, in your wardrobe or sports bag. What’s next?


NOWASTE clean & shine towel

[Tip 4] Shirt wordt waszak
Handig voor op reis, een waszak voor je gedragen noshirts. Vonden wij. Daarom kun je bij noshirt een waszak bestellen, gemaakt van net-niet-helemaal-perfecte ondershirts die de kwaliteitscontrole in onze ateliers niet doorstaan of van shirts die onverhoopt aan ons zijn geretourneerd.

Zo bestaat jouw bestelling altijd uit verse, ongedragen, frisse ondershirts, en gooien wij niets onnodig weg. Dat noemen wij bij noshirt: nowaste!

[Tip 5] Shirt wordt schoenzak
Geïnspireerd door tip 4: de schoenenzak. Ideaal om je schoenen te beschermen. En vuilen zolen weg te houden van je schone kleding. Voor op reis, in de kast of in je sporttas. What's next?