The world of textile production is swarming with labels and certifications. OEKO-TEX is one of them. And because we can stick this one on our shirts, shorts and socks, let us explain what it means.

1) What is it

OEKO-TEX. It might sound like a product you can find in the most exotic aisle of the supermarket, or a Korean tax bracket. But if that was the case, we wouldn’t be spending much time on it in this blog. OEKO-TEX is something else: a certification for textile (among other things). The OEKO-TEX 100 certification that indicates the end product - for example clothing - does not contain any harmful components.

That means: good for skin and health, and low impact on the environment.

2) What does an OEKO-TEX label in your clothing mean

Simple: if an item of clothing has an OEKO-TEX certification, you know you can wear it without your skin contacting the (residues of) harmful substances such as pesticides or heavy metals.

3) As a Noshirt wearer, you are guaranteed OEKO-TEX certified garments

Because undershirts, boxer shorts and socks are in direct contact with your skin, they have to meet the highest standards to become OEKO-TEX qualified. Our products do just that: for the production of our collection we use OEKO-TEX certified

Omdat ondershirts, shorts en sokken direct met de huid in aanraking komen, moeten ze aan de meest strikte voorwaarden voldoen om een OEKO-TEX keurmerk te krijgen. Onze producten doen dat: voor de productie van ons assortiment worden OEKO-TEX gecertificeerde raw materials, chemicals and equipment. So you can wear our garments confidently: they are 100% dermo sensitive and tested for allergies.

Feels better, right?