Noshirt means nowaste

Noshirt means nowaste

Waste and pollution. NoShirt is not a fan.

That’s why we oppose anti-shrink treatments and we have a Plan B for our undershirts that are 99,99% perfect.

 A cotton shirt can shrink slightly after the first wash. The same goes for our noshirts. We could opt for an anti-shrink treatment om the factory, to prevent this happening. But we don’t. We prefer to take this into account in the size chart.

 Chemical Free

Why? Although an anti-shrink treatment might be helpful for the shirt wearer, it’s also very harmful to the environment and the people executing this chemical process. We prefer to help our consumers buy their shirt in the right size with our customized size chart that takes the natural shrink into account. You will find this size chart when you are selecting your size for one of our products. If you are in doubt, swapping or returning your product is easy. Even after the first wash.

Noshirt = nowaste

Our anti-anti shrink policy is just one of the choices we have made to promote sustainability and reduce waste. Noshirt means nowaste and that is implemented throughout the production process. We use a cutting machine to cut our patterns form the cotton cloth in the most efficient way possible, without a lot of interim spacing. As a result we throw away less of our valuable cotton. 

99,99% perfect = 100% usable

Sometimes we get shirts returned. Or the seamstresses in our atelier drops a stitch and a shirt or pair of boxer shorts can’t be sold. Mistakes are only human after all. In that case, we don’t throw that garment away. And no, we don’t sell it on the black market or put it on sale. We turn these garments into laundry bags. Or shoe bags and cleaning rags. Creative recycling, that’s our cup of tea.

Beautifully wrapped, easily recycled.

Now we regularly receive the question: “What about the individual wrapping you use for each product?” Good question. That is a matter of considerations. Underwear is a hygiene product, deserving of clean, fresh packaging. On top of that, at Noshirt you are free to pick and mix multiple products in both sizes and variants. That’s why we cannot wrap products in bulk packaging. What we can do, is make our packaging as sustainable as possible. Which is why our wrapping is made from recycled paper, that you can easily recycle again yourself.

No waste(d time)

Lastly, we are convinced that wearing noshirts and noshorts avoids a lot of other waste. For the simple reason that they are premium products that don’t end upon the garbage patch after 10 wears. And that’s not just good news for the planet, but also saves you a lot of unnecessary shopping moments. Less waste and less wasted time. Everyone happy right?

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