Fresh start

Fresh start

To start off your day, you probably take a refreshing shower. And use a deodorant to prevent body odour.

But to stay fresh all day long, we have some extra tips.

[Tip 1] Drink plenty of water

Of course you are offered coffee or tea all day long. But despite the main ingredient being water, especially coffee doesn’t help keep your moisture levels up. In fact, it makes your perspiration smell more concentrated. Feel free to supplement your daily espresso consumption with 1 - 1,5 liters of water.

[Tip 2] Take care of your armpits

Shaving your armpits might be a bridge too far, but an unruly crop of armpit hair prevents deodorant from doing its job; keeping you fresh and clean. This can cause additional perspiration and body odour. Consider trimming your armpit hair to keep it fresh under there.


[Tip 3] How clean is your washing machine?

In order to properly clean your laundry week after week, your washing machine deserves a good clean every now and then. At least 4 times a year, especially when you don’t do a load daily. To remove remnants of detergent and other dirt. Because now that we are increasingly washing sustainably (at lower temperatures and with less water), bacteria can more easily develop inside the machine. They stay behind on your washing and cause a musty, sometimes sour smell as you wear your clothes. And you smell that most in your underwear, as that is in direct contact with your skin.


[Tip 4] Yellow pit stains? Act fast!

We could tell you a long story about how yellow stains appear in your underclothes, but to put it simply: your perspiration contains proteins that can cake up in your undershirts. Or your expensive dress shirt when you don’t wear an undershirt.

Do you see early signs of yellow stains? Don’t wait too long and break down those proteins with an antioxidant. There are lots of options available at the drugstore to rub into the armpits of your shirt before going into the wash, that easily get rid of those stains. And if that doesn’t work, it’s time to bid  your undershirt farewell.


[Tip 5] Be frugal with detergent and preferably no fabric softener

Overdosing is the favourite way for detergent manufacturers to make a profit. Because even though they provide measuring cups and gel balls, they know consumers would rather overuse than underuse detergent.

Too much detergent and/or fabric softener doesn't get your clothes cleaner or softer but does ensure that more remnants stay behind in the machine and on your clothes. This quickly reduces the cotton fibre’s ability to absorb moisture. The result: initially the lovely smell of fabric softener, after that the musty smell of perspiration. 

[Tip 6] Opt for NOSHIRT dry

NOSHIRT dry is the unique combination of our lightest, fine and cool NOSHIRT lite with an extra weave of material around the armpits. This weave is made from a custom TENCEL® material. Thanks to TENCEL®’s nanofiber technology, NOSHIRT dry has the optimal moisture management. Perspiration is absorbed faster and instantly broken down. This way NOSHIRt dry also naturally reduces body odour.

noshirt dry

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