Flank your mankles

Flank your mankles

and hide those socks

How to keep your head cool with these temperatures? By flanking of course! Show your mankle - or your male ankle. Make a perfect pinroll. And finish off your cuffing skills with Nosocks Invisible: extra low socks that you never peep out over your shoe rim.

Mankle Trend

The trends are on our side: mankles do not have to stay hidden on warm days underneath long trousers or high socks. In fact, showing a bit of skin under a rolled up trouser leg (flanking = flashing + ankle) is allowed in every season. It’s cool, slimming and gives a great silhouette. If styled correctly that is. And that means: showing two centimeters of ankle is enough.

Pinrolls and cut-offs

That can happen in lots of different ways: a tight, skinny pinroll with jeans or chino or a cropped trousers. Neatly folded over once with a turn-up, or just wildly chopped (cut off with a blunt pair of scissors). As long as there are no socks visible above that classy loafer or low pair of sneakers that complete your outfit.

Fresh feet

Small problem: how do you keep your shoes (and feet) fresh without socks? Low socks for sneakers create a fashion disconnect when you can see them. (Synthetic) ankle socks for men often don’t stay put. And shoe soles or antiperspirant spray in your beautiful loafers? Not ideal.



NOSOCKS invisible
Daarom ontwikkelde Noshirt ‘NOSOCKS invisible’. Voetsokken die je niet zíet zitten, maar die wel blíjven zitten. Van Egyptisch katoen, dus lekker koel. Om de voeten fris én de hele mankle zichtbaar te houden. Met stevige hielgrip die de footie op z’n plek houdt. Dus sokken uit en NOSOCKS aan. Om eindelijk zorgeloos en stijlvol die mankles te flanken.


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