You think you know cotton: a natural material that keeps you fresh with good moisture absorption, is skin-friendly and shrinks a little the first time you wash it. But did you know that cotton has an extra soft version, that creases less and is more durable? That’s Supima cotton. And that’s what you wear under your shirt.

That is, if you pulled on a Noshirt this morning. Supima cotton is a sustainably grown cotton from the United States that is softer and stronger than other types of cotton. Better for the environment and for he people handling the cotton in return for a fair wage (that means no children). But also extra comfortable for you to wear.


Simply said, Supima cotton is softer than ”normal cotton”. The fibres are stronger, which makes noshirtsextra comfortable and gives them a snug fit. The material absorbs moisture easily, keeping your shirt fresh for longer. And the cotton is stronger, so your undershirt has a longer lifespan. Even the lighter version, which we use as a base for our lite and dry shirts, stays in shape perfectly. Even after multiple wears and washes.

That all has to do with the length and the tips of the fibers. And the fact that the growers of Supima cotton make zero concessions when it comes to quality. But that’s not for you to hear. It’s for you to feel. So you know we got you covered. On every level.